Projects by theme


We help create educational opportunities so that you can, for example, ask any teacher to explain the methods and exercises, discuss the lessons they have drawn up for the lesson, and share your own ideas on the topic.    


Equal opportunity

Every day, teachers create unique content that can be seen by millions of other students who want to develop and learn. This opportunity should not be hindered by barriers in the field of human rights and freedoms, the principles of equality and non-discrimination.    


Learning design

The art of acquiring knowledge has undergone a change - now teaching material can look like a bound textbook or multimedia resource with gamification.    


Digital skills

These are the ability to select and evaluate, find sources and originals, organize and manage a large amount of information, use it to spread your ideas, create content    


We aim to develop an educated society actively acquiring media and digital skills

Freedom of expression

Every thought and idea counts. Especially when it comes to finding solutions to common problems. Therefore, freedom of expression is part of the process and functioning of democracy. This promotes the free flow of ideas. In a democratic society, the media, and the media industry in general, play a large role in shaping public opinion. Their independence is closely linked to the right to access knowledge and information. Without such access, countries will ultimately fail. This allows us to find reliable information and contributes to long-term social, political and economic stability.

Our mission

Our mission is to help create a free, democratic and developed society with equal rights and opportunities. We strive to expand educational skills for those who study and teach and implement projects that contribute to improving media information literacy.

Human rights

Thanks to the global process of informatization of society and culture, the surrounding world becomes multimedia. Globalization affects the prospects for education and poses new challenges for each of us. The requirements for competence in the field of information and communication technologies are increasing. At the same time, this knowledge and skills support cognitive and creative potential. Today, in order to be able to defend your rights, you need to freely navigate the media space. We strive to develop the values ​​of a society in which security, recognition and the joy of appropriation are ensured. It is in such a society that a sense of human dignity and self-esteem develops, regardless of cultural, gender or other differences.