Global Media and Information Literacy Awards 2021 Nominations

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The International Steering Committee of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance calls for nominations for the 2021 edition of the Global Media and Information Literacy Awards. The Global Media and Information Literacy Awards will recognize information/library, media and technology specialists, educators, artists, activists, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, associations and other groups integrating MIL in an exemplary and innovative way in their work and related activities. Specifically, the awards will recognize excellence and leadership in six sectors: Education, Research, Policy, Advocacy, Media and Communication, and Information sectors.


The Global Media and Information Literacy Awards are presented every year at the Global MIL Week feature conference. For 2021, the Global Media and Information Literacy Awards are led by the International Steering Committee and members of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance.


Work in any area/sector can be recognized within these six overall categories, as long as the activities reflect integration of media and information literacy concepts, including intercultural dialogue, in education, research, policy, advocacy, media and communication, and information sectors.


The work of the nominee should also illustrate the application and exploration of MIL in one of the following areas: Creativity, Cultural Diversity, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Finance, Hate Speech, Health, Human Rights, Media and Information Literacy (Cities) for Civic Engagement, Migration, Misinformation, Peacemaking, and Poverty Reduction.


Please read the detailed criteria and description on this link before submitting a nomination for a candidate.


Deadline for submissions: 20 October 2021, midnight Paris time


Global MIL Week 2021 official website

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