What is cybersecurity and why is it dangerous?

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma predicts that "In the future, data will be as valuable as oil." [1] At the time, campaigns were already paying dearly for data breaches. In September 2018, Uber was fined $ 148 million after a cyberattack leaked the data of approximately 57 million customers and service drivers. [2]

Cybersecurity is just a set of measures to minimize cyber attacks on web resources, networks and software. The goal of hackers is usually to gain access to confidential information, modify or destroy it, extort money from users, or disrupt a normal business process. As happened with Uber.

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is especially difficult today, as there are more devices than humans connected to the communication network, from computers to implantable medical devices, and hackers are using more sophisticated methods of attacks.

Cybersecurity professionals fight the following types of threats:

Phishing is the sending of spoofed emails that look like messages from legitimate recipients. The purpose of this type of scam is to steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers and credentials. [3] You can protect yourself from this kind of threat by training staff on the rules of conduct, as well as blocking. malicious emails.

Ransomware viruses are a type of cyber threat in which fraudsters extort money. The user loses access to files and information system before transferring money to the fraudster. However, paying the ransom does not guarantee the restoration of access to files or systems. [4]

Malicious software is software designed to unauthorized access to your computer or cause damage. [3]

Social engineering is a tactic used by attackers to trick a user into disclosing sensitive information. They can ask for a payment or to gain access to confidential data. Social engineering techniques can be used in conjunction with any of the types listed above to be more likely to trick a user into clicking a link, downloading malware, or believing a malicious source. [5]

In continuation - high-profile cases of cyberattacks in Central Asia. Do not miss!


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